Professional Bridal Gown Services in Clio, Michigan – Cleaning, Preservation, Alterations, and More!

Saving a few dollars is simply not worth the risk of ruining your wedding dress – let Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners save you the trouble!

Welcome to the next chapter of your bridal journey with Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners!

After your wedding day, your dress will likely have collected its fair share of invisible stains — from champagne toasts to makeup, and even oils from loving embraces. Without professional care, those invisible stains can turn into heartbreaking reminders of what was left undone, tainting the beauty of your precious gown forever.

At Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners in Clio, MI, we specialize in the meticulous care, cleaning, and preservation of bridal gowns. We’re all about giving your wedding gown a future as bright as your newlywed glow.

Bring in your gown to our retail stores in Clio and Frankenmuth, Michigan. Or, call us at (810) 750-8000 to schedule your gown cleaning appointment!

We Provide Comprehensive Bridal Care Services

Jan’s Bridal Care in Clio, Michigan offers a full range of bridal gown care services to ensure your wedding gown looks gorgeous before, during, and after your big day. Here’s how we can help:

Alterations and Tailoring

Ensuring your gown fits you perfectly is crucial for your comfort and confidence on your wedding day. Our skilled seamstresses specialize in bridal alterations and tailoring, offering services such as:

Custom Fittings: Adjustments to ensure your gown fits you like a glove.
Bustle Creation: Adding a bustle to your gown for ease of movement during the reception.
Detailed Adjustments: Modifying the length, waist, and any other areas that need a perfect fit.

Pre-ceremony Pressing

Nothing spoils the look of a stunning gown like wrinkles. Our pre-ceremony pressing services ensure your dress looks flawless as you walk down the aisle. We provide:

Thorough Pressing: Carefully pressing your gown to remove all wrinkles.
Final Touch-ups: Last-minute pressing to ensure your dress is immaculate right before the ceremony.

Gown Cleaning

After the excitement of your wedding day, your gown will likely have picked up some stains and dirt. Our professional gown cleaning services ensure your dress is meticulously cleaned in order to preserve its beauty. Our services include:

Stain Removal: Targeting and removing all types of stains, including food, beverages, and makeup.
Gentle Cleaning Techniques: Using safe and effective methods to clean your gown without damaging the fabric.

Vintage Garment Restoration

If you have a vintage or heirloom gown you wish to wear or pass down, our vintage garment restoration services can bring it back to its original beauty. We specialize in:

Fabric Repair: Fixing any damage to the fabric, such as tears or holes.
Color Restoration: Reviving the original color of the gown, removing yellowing and discoloration.
Detail Preservation: Ensuring delicate details like lace and embroidery are carefully restored and maintained.

Gown Preservation & Storage

Proper storage and preservation of your gown are essential to maintain its condition over time. We offer comprehensive storage and preservation services, including:

Acid-free Packaging: Using acid-free tissue and museum-quality boxes to prevent fabric discoloration and deterioration.
Secure Storage Solutions: Ensuring your gown is stored in a controlled environment to protect it from moisture and pests.

Why Choose Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners for Your Wedding Gown Care Needs?

Here’s why Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners is the perfect choice for your bridal gown care needs:

We Are an Eco-friendly Dry Cleaner

At Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, our commitment to the environment is woven into every service we offer. We use Sensene – a revolutionary cleaning solvent that is not only naturally biodegradable but also enhances the cleaning process.

We Bring Our Award-winning Expertise to Each and Every Wedding Dress We Clean

Each gown is a story, a keepsake of memories and emotions, and at Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, we honor that story with our award-winning expertise. Recognized for excellence in garment care, our specialists bring a meticulous level of detail and precision to the cleaning and preservation of your wedding dress.

We Put Customers First, Always!

At Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, we listen to your needs and customize our services to match. From your initial consultation to the final delivery of your gown, our approach is all about making the experience seamless and stress-free for you.

We’re Extensively Experienced in All Aspects of Bridal Gown Care

With years of experience in handling bridal gowns, our team is skilled in all aspects of gown care—from intricate alterations to complex restorations. No matter the age, style, or fabric of your gown, we have the expertise to ensure it is as beautiful as it can be.


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