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Supreme cleanliness with an eco-friendly touch, only at Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners!

Tired of harsh chemicals and lingering smells you expect from traditional dry cleaning? At Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, we understand your concerns and have reimagined the dry cleaning process to give you a better experience. We offer a superior, eco-friendly dry cleaning service that protects your health, preserves your clothes, and cares for our planet.

Make the switch today and discover why so many people in Clio, Michigan trust Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners for their dry cleaning needs. Let us take care of your clothes with the same care and attention we give to the environment!

Why Choose Our Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning at Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners?

If you’ve ever picked up your dry cleaning and been hit by that strong chemical smell, or noticed your favorite outfits fading and wearing out too soon, you’re not alone.

These could be telltale signs your garments are cleaned with PERC – a dry cleaning chemical notorious for its toxicity that causes clothes to smell unpleasant and weaken over time. Most of all, it is equally dangerous to the environment.

So it’s time to ask yourself, is your current dry cleaner doing enough to address these concerns? At Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, we made a conscious choice to do things differently – so different that our use of Sensene sets us apart as pioneers in eco-friendly dry cleaning. Sensene is a revolutionary cleaning solvent that is not only naturally biodegradable but also enhances the cleaning process.

We offer you a smarter choice, and we’re proud to be able to give you a much more sustainable option.

The Benefits of Sensene For Your Clothes

Sensene is safe for all fabrics and helps keep your clothes looking their best. By choosing Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, we ensure your clothes reap the following benefits:

• Clothes come out cleaner
• Colors stay vibrant
• Whites are brighter
• Less wear and tear
• Longer lifespan for your delicate pieces
• Reduces wrinkles, making ironing easier and less frequent
• And that dreaded dry-cleaning odor? Gone!

This innovative approach not only preserves the quality of your garments but also protects our planet by minimizing its environmental impact.

What Makes Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners Stand Out from Other Dry Cleaners?

Convenient Service

Your time is precious, and we respect that. Our free pickup and delivery service makes dry cleaning completely hassle-free. Whether you’re at home, at work, or you live in an apartment in Clio, MI, we’ll come to you, collect your items, and deliver them back freshly cleaned.

State-of-the-Art Technology

To ensure the highest quality results, we use the latest dry cleaning technology. Our advanced equipment and eco-friendly solvents like Sensene provide a superior clean that’s gentle on fabrics while tough on stains.

Meticulous Care

We take pride in our attention to detail. Every garment is inspected thoroughly before and after cleaning to ensure it meets our high standards. Stains are carefully treated, and repairs are made if needed.

All Garments Welcome

No matter what type of clothing you need cleaning, we have you covered. From everyday wear to delicate fabrics, wedding gowns, and vintage garments, we handle it all.

Good Customer Relations

At Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, you’re not just another order – you’re part of our community. We strive to provide friendly, personalized service because your satisfaction is our top priority.


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