Drapery & Blinds Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Service for Window Treatments – Drapes, Blinds, Shutters, and More!

Do Your Window Coverings Need a Refreshing Professional Clean?

Have you looked at your drapes, blinds, or shades lately? We mean, really look? What might seem like just another part of your decor could actually harbor dust and diminish the bright, clean look of your space.

If your blinds, drapes, shades, or shutters are looking a little worse for wear, it sure is time to give them a refreshing professional clean from Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners.

Don’t wait for the signs of wear and tear to tell you it’s time. Schedule a professional cleaning service today anywhere you are in Clio, Frankenmuth, and the surrounding areas in Mid-Michigan.

Types of Window Treatments We Expertly Clean

Imagine how much better your rooms will feel with spotless and vibrant window treatments beautifully reflecting natural light. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you allow Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners to clean your window coverings.

We specialize in cleaning these items:


Blinds are fantastic for controlling light and ensuring privacy, but they can also trap dust and allergens. If you attempt to clean them yourself, you’ll soon realize they can be tricky to clean, with each slat needing individual attention. But that’s not an issue with us here at Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners. Whether you have Venetian, vertical, Roman, or roller blinds, we have the tools and expertise to remove every speck of dust and stain, restoring their functionality and beauty.


Drapes often absorb smells and dust, and sustain damage from sunlight over time, which can make your space feel less inviting. We specialize in reviving all types of drapes, restoring their color and texture with our gentle, yet effective, cleaning solutions. Remember, clean drapes can transform a room—don’t wait until they look visibly dirty!


From cellular to pleated, shades are a stylish fixture in many homes but can be challenging to maintain. Our cleaning process cleans deeply without damaging fabric. We’ll keep your shades looking as pristine and functional as they should, free from dust and allergens that could compromise your comfort and health.


Shutters can add sophistication to any room, but like any other window treatment, they gather dust and can degrade over time if not properly maintained. Our cleaning techniques are designed to protect and thoroughly clean your shutters, ensuring they continue to enhance your space without compromise.

Hunter Douglas

As a leader in window treatments, Hunter Douglas products are known for their quality and durability. However, even the best can lose their luster over time. We are equipped with the specific knowhow required to clean various Hunter Douglas designs, from Duette® to Silhouette®, using techniques that maintain their unique features and beauty.

We Also Do Repair and Restoration

Isn’t it frustrating when your favorite window treatments show signs of wear and tear? A tear in your elegant drapes, a broken slat in your blinds, or a stuck shutter – these small issues disrupt the harmony of your space. But there’s no need to worry because Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners is here to help you with more than just cleaning!

Repair Services

Among the repairs we handle are:

Restringing Blinds and Shades – Restoring functionality to corded window coverings.
Replacing Slats and Vanes – Fixing or replacing broken or bent slats and vanes in blinds and verticals.
Sewing and Patching Tears – Mending tears in drapes and fabric shades with matching threads and patches.
Adjusting and Repairing Tracks – Ensuring the smooth operation of drapes and panel tracks.
Replacing Broken Clips and Hangers – Fixing the hardware that holds your window treatments in place.
Shortening and Lengthening – Adjusting the length of your drapes or shades to perfectly fit your window.
Tightening or Replacing Tilt Mechanisms – Repairing or replacing the mechanism that adjusts the angle of the blind’s slats.
Motor Repairs – Troubleshooting and repairing motorized window treatments.
Mold Removal – Treating and removing mold from window coverings is especially important for fabric treatments exposed to high moisture.
Restitching Seams – Reinforcing or resewing loose or undone seams in drapery.

Restoration Services

Sometimes, it’s not about fixing something broken but restoring the beauty and functionality lost to time and use. Our restoration services include:

Color Restoration – Reviving the original color of faded drapes, blinds, and shades due to sunlight exposure or age.
Fabric Reconditioning – Treating older fabric window treatments to restore their texture and flexibility, making them feel new again.
Odor Elimination – Removing stubborn odors from window coverings, including smoke, pet odors, and mustiness.
Stain Removal – Employing advanced techniques to remove tough stains without damaging the fabric.
Antique Drapery Revitalization – Specialized restoration services for vintage or historically significant draperies, maintaining their integrity while restoring their beauty.
Water Damage Restoration – Addressing water stains and damage from leaks or flooding, particularly for delicate materials.
Thermal Lining Replacement – Replacing or repairing the thermal lining of drapes to enhance their insulation properties.
Blackout Lining Restoration – Restoring or replacing the blackout lining in drapes and curtains to ensure they effectively block out light.
Mold and Mildew Remediation – Intensive cleaning and treatment to remove mold and mildew, preventing future growth and preserving hygienic conditions.


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