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Treat your luxurious leather and suede to the premier service at Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners!

You’ve invested in top-quality leather and suede because you appreciate the finer things in life. But due to the delicate nature of these materials, they need more than just liquid soap and warm water.

If you truly want that vintage leather jacket or suede shoes you treasure so much to retain their luxurious look and feel, opt for a specialized cleaning service—one that is offered here at Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners. Our specialists use advanced, gentle techniques and eco-friendly products to clean, condition, and restore those pieces back to their pristine condition.

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How Our Leather and Suede Cleaning Expertise in Clio, MI Benefits You

1)We can effectively remove stains.

Stains on leather and suede can be a nightmare, but our advanced cleaning techniques tackle even the toughest spots without damaging the fabric. Our specialists use gentle yet powerful solutions that lift stains while preserving the integrity of your garments.

2) We can preserve the color and texture of your garments.

Leather and suede have unique textures and colors that can fade or alter with improper cleaning. Our eco-friendly methods ensure the natural vibrancy and feel of your items are maintained. We use specific treatments tailored to each type of leather and suede, ensuring they look and feel like new.

3) We can restore damaged pieces to their pristine condition.

Accidents happen, but they don’t have to ruin your favorite leather and suede pieces. Our garment restoration services can mend small tears, fix discoloration, and rejuvenate worn areas, so they look like new again.

4) We can protect your leather and suede from future damage.

Beyond cleaning, we offer conditioning services that protect your leather and suede from future wear and tear. This includes applying protective coatings that guard against environmental factors, moisture, and everyday use.

5) We can increase the lifespan of your garments.

Regular professional cleaning does more than keep your garments looking great—it also extends their lifespan. Our cleaning processes remove harmful substances like dirt and oils, helping your leather and suede pieces last longer and save you money over time.

Leather and Suede Items We Can Clean

Our professional leather cleaning service in Clio, MI works with a wide range of leather and suede products, including but not limited to:

• Jackets and Coats
• Pants and Skirts
• Dresses and Suits
• Bags and Purses
• Shoes and Boots
• Vintage and Heirloom Items
• Accessories (Gloves, Hats, Belts)

Our Careful Approach to Leather and Suede Care

Our approach to cleaning and maintaining your leather and suede garments combines precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of fabric care. Here’s our careful, meticulous process:

 Initial Assessment & Pre-treatment

Thorough Inspection: We carefully inspect each leather or suede item before cleaning begins. As part of our assessment process, we determine the most appropriate cleaning method for the material based on its overall condition, stains, and pre-existing damage if there is any.

Targeted Pre-treatment: We apply specialized pre-treatments to deal with specific stains or problems. This step ensures all stains are removed without damaging the garment.

Advanced Conditioning & Protection

Moisturizing Treatments: After cleaning, we apply specialized moisturizers to keep leather supple and prevent cracking. This step is crucial to extending the life of your garments and maintaining their luxurious feel.

Expert Restoration: For items weakened by wear and tear, our restoration services can bring them back to life. We carefully mend small tears, address discoloration, and treat worn areas to restore your garments to their original splendor.

Final Review & Post-treatment

Detailed Post-cleaning Inspection: Following the cleaning and conditioning stages, every item is meticulously inspected to ensure all cleaning objectives are met and the item is in optimal condition.

Protective Finishing Touches: To finalize the process, we apply protective treatments that help shield the leather and suede from future wear and damage, ensuring your garments continue to look great and perform well.


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