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Professional Dry Cleaning

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Dry Cleaning – Environmentally Friendly & Better for your Fabrics  

Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning is not exclusive to formal wear or your grandfather’s pants. In fact, it’s the best option to keep your entire wardrobe in the best condition possible. Modern dry cleaning processes and products are extraordinarily safe for the consumer, and friendly to the environment too. When used in-place of soaps and water, they prevent fibers from swelling, resulting in no shrinkage, no discoloration, or loss of shape. All in all, dry cleaning your clothing at Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners will actually extend the life of your garments, and could actually save you money in the long run. As an additional benefit, dry cleaning also has the power to remove stains and odors that water cannot, including particularly tough types like grease, oil, protein, and blood. When you have your clothing dry cleaned at Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners, we guarantee that you’ll see the difference, and feel your best.

Green Looks Good on You

Jan’s is the first company in the United States to use Sensene, a modified alcohol product that is naturally biodegradable and promotes shorter machine cycle times, which saves water, energy, and turnaround time. In addition to its positive impact on the environment, Sensene actually provides a much higher quality result than traditional dry cleaning solvents. Colors remain vibrant, and whites stay brighter, while wrinkling is minimized so ironing becomes easier. Best of all, by using Sensene, Jan's has effectively eliminated that dreaded “dry cleaning smell”, leaving your clothes looking and feeling better.

Dustmite Prevention

Dustmites are microscopic, insect-like pests that live in house dust, and have been known to worsen the symptoms of allergies and even asthma. Since they feed on dead skin cells and dander, they can also live in virtually every fabric item in your home that comes in contact with either you or your pets including drapes and bedding items like feather down pillows. The good news is you can substantially reduce their often sizeable numbers by dusting and vacuuming, but the key to preventing future infestations is establishing a good housekeeping routine that includes regular washing and dry cleaning. At Jan’s, we’re happy to provide these services, as well as convenient pick-up and delivery of your items to your home – at no extra cost to you!

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