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Knit Care Tips

  1. Do not hang your garments on wire hangers. A padded or shaped hanger is best. Make sure shoulder pads are properly placed on hangers when storing garments in your closet. Button and zip up jackets and dresses to maintain their shape.
  2. Hang flat front pants and skirts "opened." Pleated pants should be hung "pleat-to-pleat" or "sideways." Always hang pants and skirts taut on the hangers to avoid sagging at the waistband.
  3. Do not store your knits in dry cleaners' poly bags, vinyl zipper bags or plastic storage containers. The garments need to "breathe." Severe yellowing can be caused by storing garments in plastic.
  4. Dry cleaning your garment after each wearing is recommended.
  5. Avoid applying perfume after dressing. The chemicals found in fragrances may penetrate the yarn and have adverse effects on sensitive colors. Also, fragrances can attract moths, which tend to invade closets in the springtime.
  6. Avoid extended exposure to bright or fluorescent lighting in your closet.
  7. If a spill occurs, blot with a white cloth to absorb excess moisture and bring the garment to Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners as soon as possible. Make sure to point out the stain.

Travel Tips

  1. When packing for travel, fold your garments in half (in thirds for long gowns) and place tissue paper (1-2 sheets) at the folds to prevent creasing.
  2. Your suitcase should be full and tightly packed. Tight packing will lessen the chance of shifting and movement in transit that can cause creases and wrinkles in your garments.
  3. Upon arrival at your destination, unpack and hang your garments. Any wrinkles or creases should straighten out in a short period of time. Should stubborn creases persist, we suggest the following:
    1. Dampen a light or neutral colored silk or linen handkerchief. Place on the creased or wrinkled area and apply heat from an in-room iron or blow dryer.
    2. Expose garments to steam from a hot shower.

Repairs & Alterations

  1. Do not attempt to shorten a sleeve or hem by cutting the knit.
  2. Moth holes can be repaired on most garments. There is a fee for reweaving each hole and the garment must be dry cleaned prior to repair. Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners will repair any additional moth holes they locate. Excessive moth holes on a garment may not always be repairable. Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners will advise if this is the case.
  3. Waistband elastic may not last as long as the garment. Elastic can be replaced upon request for a fee. An unraveling waistband can also be repaired. The charge is based on how much reweaving is required. To lessen stress on the waistband and elastic, make sure your garment fits properly. The waistband should slide easily over the hips and be comfortable during wear.
  4. Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners offers alterations on all couture garments. Alteration fees are based on the extent that alterations are needed.
  5. Because many couture labels manufacture their own hardware, Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners can replace or repair buttons and zipper pulls. Knit and leather belts are not always available for replacement.

Dry Cleaning Tips

  1. Buttons and ornate zipper pulls should be covered in foil before dry cleaning. Removing buttons is not necessary.
  2. Inside waistband slits should be kept open to allow for easy adjustment, alteration or replacement.
  3. Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners will measure, note and keep on file the hem and sleeve lengths, as well as the inseams on your garments to ensure they are able to block accordingly after dry cleaning.
  4. The care labels on most couture pieces indicate professional dry cleaning for best results.
  5. Garments with light colors should be cleaned alone in clean solution. If cleaned with darks, dyes from other garments could transfer onto the knit.
  6. The application of paillettes and crystals on couture evening garments is often a heat-activated process. Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners is an experienced dry cleaner who can easily and safely clean and process these garments.
  7. Graying of whites and light shades may be caused by dirty cleaning solvent. Residue can build in the cleaning drum and transfer to the knit. Cleaning whites with the day's first load will ensure your garments are done in clean solution.
  8. It is recommended that whites and light pastel shades be dry cleaned as an entire outfit. This will ensure that their coloring remains consistent.
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